DSEF German Gem Lab, also referred to as the German Foundation for Gemstone Research, has been a reliable partner of the gemstone and jewellery industry since its foundation in 1969.

Our essential tasks consist of gemstone research, identification and certification, carried out by scientists qualified in gemmology and earth sciences in a modern and well-equipped laboratory.

Cut, rough as well as mounted gem material is examined for its genuineness, detectable treatments as well as origin where possible, through safe, non-destructive and internationally recognized methods. We offer a range of certificates including the DSEF Certificate, Short Written Report and Oral Statement.

DSEF Gem Lab is located in the heart of the German gem industry in Idar-Oberstein. This strategic location, are among the first worldwide to have the opportunity to investigate new finds. Scientific contacts with major gem producing countries and close cooperation with the trade provide us with relevant reference material, which for our work indispensable is.

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